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Name:// Andreu Veà Ph.D.
Who_in_WiWiW:// Founder and Director
Profile:// Doctor of Engineering in Electronic and Telecommunications from La Salle University (Barcelona). Master in Digital Signal and Information Treatment; and Master in Management Information Technologies. Since 1992, professionally devoted to the Internet in several sectors (Academic, Administration and European Private Industry). After his Doctoral Thesis, that he made "after work" as a hobby during 9 long years (nights and weekends), impelled by Dr Vint Cerf's interest on the project, he quit his job when invited by Stanford University (California, USA) where he is an Internet Research Scholar since early 2003 when this "Historical Project" was born.
From:// PALO ALTO / California, USA

Name:// Rosaura Alastruey
Who_in_WiWiW:// Iberoamerican-Countries-Project and External Communications Manager.
Profile:// Communication Science Degree by the University Autonoma of Barcelona (Spain). Master's in Digital Marketing. Since 1999 her professional life is totally related with the Internet industries.
From:// SABADELL / Barcelona, Europe

Name:// Tomàs Diago
Who_in_WiWiW:// Project CTO
Profile:// Computer Science Engineer for La Salle University (Barcelona). Entrepreneur, he founded Softonic in july 1997 as his graduation project (Computer Science Technical Engineering (University Autonoma of Barcelona). Involved on internet business for more than 8 years, actually he serves as Founder and Executive Vicepresident Products at Softonic.
From:// SANT CUGAT / Barcelona, Europe

Name:// Rosalía Murciano
Who_in_WiWiW:// Creative Designer and Usability Expert.
Profile:// Multimedia web designer. Content Manager Specialist (as Plone and Zope). Entrepreneur and Cofounder of Integralab. Her last work has been related to the deployment of a CMS and userfriendly intranets for the textile research labs of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.
From:// BARCELONA / Europe

Name:// Isabel Oller
Who_in_WiWiW:// Transcriptions and Interviews.
Profile:// Telecom Engineer and Electronic Engineer from La Salle School of Engineering University of Barcelona. MBA from Saint Mary's College of California (USA).
From:// OAKLAND / California, USA

Name:// Adolfo Vázquez
Who_in_WiWiW:// OECD-Countries Project Manager
IT Consultant and Technical Author. He has developed his career contributing to several IT magazines, authoring several technical books (*) and studies and developing new media projects.
From:// MADRID / Spain, Europe

Name:// Marta Aparicio
Who_in_WiWiW:// Audio & multimedia project advisor
She is an Economist, but has focused her career to the multimedia world; field where she's planning to start her PhD.
From:// BARCELONA / Spain, Europe

Name:// Dave Furlong
Who_in_WiWiW:// English Proof Reading & Technical Advice
System Control Administrator
From:// BAILE ÁTHA CLIATH (DUBLIN :-) / Ireland, Europe

Name:// Thais Ruiz de Alda
Who_in_WiWiW:// Developing Countries, Project Manager
She is an attorney in law, who started her PhD on Political Theory. Internet Marketing and Adverstising specialist. Works for Interactive Advertising Bureau in Spain.
From:// BARCELONA / Spain, Europe

Main Contributors and Sponsors

¤ Dr. John Gill III
   Professor EE & CS, Stanford University

¤ Ms. Mary McVey Gill
   Editor &
Book Author, Palo Alto CA

¤ Dr. Andreu Veà
   Internet Research Scholar, Stanford University

Scientific Advisors, Mentors and Friends

¤ Dr. Vinton Cerf, Exec VP MCI, ICANN Chairman
¤ Dr. Paul Mockapetris, Chief Scientist Nominum
¤ Gordon Bell, Senior Researcher in Microsoft
¤ Fred Baker, Cisco Fellow & ISOC Chairman

Other Team Members

¤ Oriol Nuñez (Badalona, Spain)
¤ Riona Carroll (Dublin, Eire)
¤ Oscar García ATLAS IT (BCN, Spain)
¤ Esther Nguyen (San Jose, CA)
¤ Andrés Tuells (Barcelona, ES)
¤ Gloria García (Valencia, ES)
¤ Antonio Quintans (Madrid, ES)
¤ Alain Ayoub (Lebanon)

Other Contributors

¤ Jordi Hernández Prat

¤ Beatriz Tudel Villega
¤ Xavier López Moliner
¤ Iñaki Muros Local Nodes

¤ Ing. Sergio Antonio Toro

¤ Ken Fockler

¤ Yarina Amoroso

¤ Irwan Effendi

¤ Alejandro Pisanty
¤ Blanca Gayosso

¤ Everardo de Jesús Palma López

¤ Erick Iriarte Ahon
¤ Rosa Delgado

Puerto Rico
¤ Ramón Morales

El Salvador
¤ Rafael Antonio Ibarra Fernández

Miami (FL) USA
¤ Juan Carlos Arteaga Díaz