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Do you consider yourself an Internet pioneer in your field or in your country ?

Please help us to know more about you. With the "mini-interview"'s results we will ellaborate a chapter about your personal views and history. Which will contribute to your local country internet history. Please, try to fill all the fields up.
Aproximated filling time: 15 minutes.
If do you have any questions, comments or need any kind of help, please send us a note and we'll answer it promptly.

Full Name

Dr. John Edwards Doe
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Arlington, Virginia, USA

Former Titles Related to Internet

Ex-Director of... Network Admin...

Do you remember when you had your first contact with a computer? -


What was your first contact/experience with Internet or ARPANET? and When?

How did you contribute to the development of the Internet?

How did your contribution aid to the development of the Network? Or to the deployment/implantation of the Net in your country?

Who are some key people in the development of Internet, leaders or trendsetters? Why?

Please list here contributors who have a minimum of 8 years of Internet experience. They don't have to be famous people,
but who have made important contributions from your point of view.

Two anecdotal situations

Relate here some unknown/underreported situations you've lived - in connection with your Internet experiences.

"...A sentence from you..." Here write a sentence that defines your work or your thoughts. This can be taken from your writings.

It'll be placed as your interview's header.

Memorandum of Understanding
As the owner of this data, you will have the right to edit (add, delete & modify) as many times as you deem necessary until you consider we reach the "Final Version" (it will be sent in an editable format to the e-mail you provided above) for the final approval. Here is our own interviewing methodology. Nothing will be published or distributed without your express acquiescence. That it will be reached when you approve the "Final Version". This will be in PDF (not editable) format. The trustee of this Data is Dr. Andreu Veà' (Invited Internet Scholar) at Stanford University. 94305-2024 Stanford (California) USA. You can contact him: andreu (at) stanford (dot) com

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